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This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

What is the difference between El Paso fee based planning and El Paso commission-based planning when you are looking to hire a financial planner? First and foremost before you even have to worry about fee-based versus commission based you want to make sure that you have a financial advisor who has your best interests at heart. When your financial advisor has your best interests at heart, and it doesn’t matter too much if they are fee-based or commission based. Therefore, before you even get into that discussion you need to have many interviews with many different financial advisors to find the one who you trust the most. Kevin O’Neill is one of the El Paso fee based planning specialists.  Call Kevin at 915-373-0989 to schedule your first initial consultation to determine if he is the absolute best fit for you.

Now, when it comes to the discussion of an El Paso fee based planning financial advisor and an El Paso, commission-based financial advisor you want to deeply understand the difference between the two. For many people, they just will not be able to get past having somebody get paid based on the products that they sell instead of just paid for their expertise and knowledge. The commission-based financial advisor is incentivized and paid depending on the products that he sells his clients. For example, if he sells his clients a bunch of life insurance policies or annuities he will get paid by the company that those were purchased through for that sale. The difference between this and a fee-based financial planner is the fee-based financial planner is paid by you the client for their knowledge and expertise. It really comes down to what you believe is the best situation for you. Fee-based and commission based both work in the financial advising industry.

The most important thing no matter what when you’re hiring a financial advisor whether they be fee-based, or commission based is if you trust them and their knowledge. If you cannot trust them and if you don’t think that they have the experience or knowledge to be able to handle your finances then you need to go looking elsewhere. This is why it is extremely important that you interview several different financial advisors until you find the one that fits with you and your needs. Each financial advisor has certain specialties and specific knowledge in areas that may or may not affect you. You want to find a financial advisor who is dealing with other clients you have the same type of situation and lifestyle as you.

Kevin O’Neill is one of the fee-based financial advisors that you are going to want to interview to determine if he is a great fit for you and your family. He is of course not a great fit for all families just like every other financial advisor out there. However, he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to making sure that your finances are set up for a rock solid secure future.

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This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

When you are in need of a financial planner, it is good to know the difference between an El Paso fee based planning specialists and an El Paso commission-based planning specialist. The difference between the two is significant and is also significant at the same time. I will explain. One of the fee based financial planners in El Paso is a guy with a name of Kevin O’Neill. To have your first initial consultation with him to determine if he is the best fit for you and your needs call 915-373-0989.

Many people think that commission-based financial advisors have a skewed and biased way of selling financial products. The reason that they think this, quite frankly is because they do. The matter how hard they try not to skew or bias their opinion on the products that they sell you it is nearly impossible because it is human nature. Commission-based financial advisors are paid based on the products that they sell. For example, if they sell you a life insurance policy they will get paid on that life insurance policy. If they sell you an annuity than they will get paid on that annuity. Here is where the issue starts. If you don’t actually need a life insurance policy giving you the right service. This is where people have the major issue when it comes to commission-based financial advisors.

Another issue is if you are trying to decide between an annuity and a life insurance policy, and one of them pays a larger commission, and the other than the financial advisor who is commission based is going to try to sway you towards the one where they make the bigger commission. So many times the commission-based financial advisor no matter how hard they try is going to subconsciously try to sway you the product that makes them the most commission. However, you can go with an El Paso fee based planning specialist like Kevin O’Neill and get rid of this entire problem completely.

The fee-based financial advisor gets paid based on the amount of time that they spend with you instead of the products that they get you set up on. So instead of being a salesman they are a consultant. These are really two completely separate roles even though they masquerade as the same position. One of them is as salesman who is trying to make a paycheck, and another one is a consultant who is trying to give you the best possible plan. Now, don’t get me wrong there are great financial advisers both who are commission based and fee-based. However, when you break it down to the nuts and bolts that is what you get. You get one is a salesman, and the other is a consultant.

To hire one of the best fee-based financial planners in El Paso call Kevin O’Neill at 915-373-0989. Now, understand that you must trust the skill, expertise, and knowledge of the financial advisor you hire no matter what commission structure or pay structure they are on. This is why you want to make sure that you have an initial consultation with anybody that you think you want to do your financial advising with.