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Financial Planning for Your Future

This Content Was Written for Kevin O’Neill

Kevin O’Neill is the number one choice for businesses and individuals who are looking for a El Paso financial planner. He focuses on providing strategies, insight and knowledgeable solutions to be able to help you put your finances where they need to go. His number one goal is to ensure that he is helping his clients reach their ultimate vision for their lives, their business and ultimately how to grow their money. If you’re looking for someone who can help you plan your finances in a way it’s going to be fruitful for you in the future not only in your personal life but also in your business please give us a call today at 915-373-0989. He be happy to sit down with you to show you what he can do for you.

Kevin provides a path to prosperity for each of his clients. He focuses on getting to know his clients on a personal level and building a lifelong relationship so that you trust him as a El Paso financial planner. Most people are very closed off when it comes to their finances and most people do not enjoy discussing money. But Kevin has a very unique way of showcasing his services and helping you plan out your money so you feel positive at the end of the meeting. He can show you what you should be doing with your finances and where you can actually grow your finances by doing very specific things. His strategy is one of the top services that he provides.

He’s a graduate of Texas Tech University and started his career as a stockbroker in New York City. He understands how numbers work. He understands how to plan. And he also understands how to be a El Paso financial planner when things go wrong. He wants to make sure that your well protected in every aspect of your finances whether it be personal or within your business. Most people not even think about their finances until something goes terribly wrong. Kevin wants to make sure that your well protected and understand your finances so that was something does go wrong you’re prepared no matter what.

He also provides retirement planning for those who are aware that they need to start planning the retirement today. Most people do not think about retirement until much later in life that is a mistake. It’s going to, whole lot faster than you think and the last thing you want to do is to still be working when it’s time to retire. He wants to make sure that you’re putting back the right amount of money and making sure that that money is growing so that it’s there when you’re ready to quit working. People need to start thinking about retirement when they’re young and especially if they have family. You do not want that the burden on your children to take care of you is you didn’t plan.

Kevin is licensed to do business all across the country and is excited to be meeting with clients to put them on the road to prosperity. He has seen people’s lives completely transform because they simply took the time to sit down with them and plan out their finances. He wants to make sure that from start to finish you have everything that you need. Do you have the confidence and the ability to know that your finances are taking care of today. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation to see what Kevin can do for you. He’s excited to work with you.

Financial Planning For Your Personal and Professional Needs

This Content Was Written for Kevin O’Neill

Kevin O’Neill is the founder of O’Neill Financial Planning and is the number one El Paso financial planner for those who are looking to get everything in order. He focuses on providing the best quality service, education and ensures that he’s giving you exactly what you need when it comes to getting your finances in order. He is a specialist that wants to make sure they his clients are well taken care of and they’re making good decisions especially when it comes to their finances. If you’re looking for someone who has the education, the skill level and the experience to plan out your finances in a way it’s going to benefit you in the long run give us a call today at 915-373-0989.

Kevin O’Neill graduated from Texas Tech University In 1995 and he began his investment advisory career in 1996 as a stockbroker. You’re going to be working with someone who understands the way the numbers work and the way that finances can best benefit you in today’s economy. As your El Paso financial planner he focuses on giving you the best benefits he possibly can and making sure everything’s in order so they are making good decisions along the road. Things are always shaking and moving especially in the financial world. You want to make sure that your secure and that your confident in your finances being in order even when the world turns upside down.

As a El Paso financial planner Kevins number one goal is to make sure that your successful. He wants to take what you have in your hand and show you the best ways possible to make more money in order to take care of yourself. He was the idea of seeing his clients prosper and seen the make good decisions along the way. His experience in strategy gives him a leg up against the competition. He focuses on working very closely with his client and building relationships and that they trust his advice when he comes in to plan out their finances. He’s an active member in the community and is excited to be able to help clients succeed in every aspect of their finances.

Not only does want to help you personally but he also has to help you professionally. Oftentimes people who own businesses are very good at their product, their service and bringing customers in. But most businesses go under because they do not understand how to handle their finances and where that money should actually be going. When you’re a business owner you have the opportunity to take a portion of that money and actually invested into other entities that are going to make you more money. Kevin wants to be able to walk you through all of these different opportunities that you have as a business owner and how your business can truly be successful in a matter what the economy looks like.

His ability to plan is what makes him the best in the business. He’s very detail oriented and he has a strategy for every type of person no matter where they are adding their finances. If you are a young individual this is something you need to do right away. It’s always better to start younger but he can also help someone who’s been on the earth a little bit longer. His ultimate goal is to make sure that your monies going where it needs to go and staying where it needs to stay. He wants to see you prosper, take care of yourself and take care of everything that you need to run your life. He wants to help you achieve your goals as a client.