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This Content Was Written for O’Neill Financial Planning

Kevin O’Neill is a graduate of Texas Tech University and started his financial career as a stockbroker New York City. He is seen all different facets of financial planning and can be your El Paso financial planner today. His number one goal is to help his clients understand their finances, plan for their retirement and put you on the path prosperity to where your money is working for you. There’s no reason to get worried and there’s no reason to be reserved when it comes to your finances. As a financial planner, Kevin is going to help you every step of the way, educate you and provide you with the necessary information to understand how your finances should be working. Call today to schedule your consultation at 915-373-0989.

As your El Paso financial planner Kevin has the ability provide several different services for you in order to keep your finances in order and your finances going strong. Have you ever seen elderly people working a job when they should have been retired? This is what Kevin is trying to avoid for all of his clients. Most people don’t think about retirement until it’s too late. He was to make sure that you understand what you need to do to plan for your retirement and have your finances in order so they are not stuck working a job in your 60s or even in your 70s. Your finances should be able to take care of yourself, your family and still have something to pass onto your kids.

Kevin O’Neill’s going to provide you with the financial strategies that you need in order to make money and continue to make money even after you’re done working. He’s going to act as your El Paso financial planner and helping cultivate a strategy is going to put more money in your pocket even when you’re in retirement. He has a passion for helping people prosper and putting them on the road to success. Finances are usually something that people do not want to discuss and it’s a fear-based mentality. Once you deep dive into finances and understand how money works, it’s actually not that scary. Most people avoided because they don’t understand it.

The world is changing, the economy is always changing and the financial strategies that you need to apply to your life are consistently changing. The team here at O’Neill Financial Planning’s focus on being updated with financial plans, retirement plans and the best uses for the money that you currently have. His goal is your El Paso financial planner is to make sure you understand where your finances are going, the plan that we set in place and making sure that you’re following the budget from start to finish. He wants to give you the understanding that has been dormant in your life for a long time. He can help you plan and strategize in a way that’s beneficial for you.

He continues to move forward in helping people just like you and it doesn’t matter how old you are he’s able to plan out your finances in a profitable way. If you’re a young couple it would be beneficial for you to meet with Kevin and go over your current finances because there’s much less risk when you’re younger. Before you buy a house, before you start a family and before you purchase the next car, make sure that you have a plan for your finances. People have a plan and stick to the plan will always stay on the path to prosperity even when the economy and everybody else is going under. He’s going to prepare you for the future.

A Financial Planning Guru

This Content Was Written for O’Neill Financial Planning

O’Neill Financial Planning is the home of the top El Paso financial planner, Kevin O’Neill. Kevin started his career as a stockbroker in New York City and is a graduate of Texas Tech University. He is a detailed oriented individual and has a passion for helping people get on the road to prosperity by getting their finances in order. If you have no idea where you stand financially and you’re not sure if you have a plan when it comes to retirement, give Kevin a call today to receive your free consultation with him as a planner. He was to be able to put you on the right path when it comes to handling your finances and making sure you have the money to retire. Call today 915-373-0989.

Kevin O’Neill has a passion for helping people succeed and manage their finances in a way that is actually making them more money. Most people don’t know how to handle their finances and most people don’t know how to plan for the future. This is why you see so many elderly people working at terrible jobs and is usually a result of them not hiring a El Paso financial planner to help them take care of their retirement. Kevin never once anyone to be stuck in a corner or stuck in a rut when it comes to their finances. He wants to be able to give you the updated education, information and all the financial insight to be able to have security in your money.

As your El Paso financial planner he’s going to help you plan out your finances down to the very last detail both personally and within your business. You have to know where your money is going, if your money is working for you and if you’re spending money on the things that you should be spending it on. Most people never check their bank accounts and most people don’t have a plan for retirement. With the economy the way that it is it’s more important now than ever to make sure that your finances are working for you and planned out in a strategic way to not only take care of yourself but also take care of your family. Kevin wants to put you on the right track and it’s never too late to start planning out your finances.

Kevin O’Neill’s going to build a relationship with his clients in order to solidify that trust and that confidence in his ability to help you. Finances is usually a touchy subject and most people do not like to discuss finances especially with someone they’ve never met before. Kevin has is very unique way of building relationships with people and building the trust of their able to open up to him about all of their financial situations. You got to understand and have the mindset going in that Kevin is here to help you. He has different ways that he can help you plan out your finances so that it’s making money and you’re ready for retirement at the end of the day.

The team here at O’Neill Financial Planning is solely focused on making sure that the client is succeeding every area of their life and every area of their finances. He can help you plan out your finances for your business and your personal endeavors. The world has so much to offer and you shouldn’t be stuck not doing what you love is your finances are not where they need to be. Schedule a consultation with Kevin today and just see what he can do for you on a basic level. You’d be surprised how much information and how much education he can provide for you will ultimately secure your future as well as your retirement. Don’t be stuck working a job when you’re 60.