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el paso financial planner | Know Your Plan

What you’re looking for in El Paso financial planner you’re going to want to go to Kevin O’Neill. He’s one of the best in the business and he’s went to school at Texas Tech University and he graduated in 1995. He then moved to New York City just for his stockbroker career in 1996 with the millennium company. He did a great job with them but he decided to move back to Texas in El Paso. And he’s a more of a family man so he came back down here. He’s now based in Texas El Paso and he has a license to be able to work multiple states including Arizona Arkansas California New Mexico Texas Florida Kansas Georgia’s Missouri. The list goes on. It’s quite a long one. He’s got an impressive track record. He wants you to do it. He’s going to be talking about your financial safety net. Small business planning in your retirement planning. You know how to establishing a financial safety net you know explaining the dollar and since reality of how a safety net works is the primary goal of this presentation starting with outbuild the cash reserve and continue with how much cash.
Where should I keep my cash. And creating a money sitting checklists. The point to prepare you for the next like five years because we know there’s a lot out there and he wants to be there for you whenever they hit because he knows how to deal with them and he’s good at it. And yeah he knows what to do and he knows how to handle it. So he’s going to be able to do you a solid and he’s going to help you and hopefully help you with your 401K your IRAs your CPR has all kinds of any type of financial help you need. He’s going to do it. He’s going to help you if you need to get in contact with him his numbers 9 1 5 3 7 3 0 9 8 9. His office numbers 9 1 5 5 8 7 7 7 7 7. He’s located at 5 9 to 5. Silver Spring Sweet be El Paso Texas 7 9 9 1 2 and his name. Leave your name your phone number your email and any messages you have concerning what he does.