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Financial Advisor in El Paso

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

Kevin O’Neill is a sought-after expert when it comes to El Paso insurance planning. Kevin O’Neill is going to make sure that you get the absolute perfect insurance policy for your needs. The last thing that he wants to do is have you not be prepared for a major life circumstance without the proper insurance coverage.  In your El Paso insurance planning session with Kevin O’Neill he will help you put together a strategy that involves insurance in the following categories health, life, disability and long-term care. Give Kevin O’Neill a call to schedule your consultation at 915-373-0989.

Kevin O’Neill is an absolute expert and sought after consultant for El Paso insurance planning and he is also well versed in retirement planning. He believes that retirement planning and insurance planning go hand-in-hand on our good complements for each other. You don’t have one without the other, and you do not have a solid plan. It is his job with all his clients to make sure that they are firmly set up for retirement and have the correct insurance policies in place. With his retirement planning, he will focus on finding you the absolute best solution for your retirement needs. Some of the vehicles that he may utilize are the traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k)s, or profit sharing and benefit plans.

Kevin O’Neil wants to help you create a path to prosperity. That is his absolute goal with every single client that he consults for and works with. He wants to put you in a position where you are financially free and willing and ready to do whatever it is that you need to do. He was to make sure that you have backup plans for your backup plans. It must make sure that you are ready to retire from a financial standpoint when you feel like you’re ready to retire from a biological standpoint. He wants you to fully understand the financial process so that you can work with him in the best possible way.

Three of the areas that Kevin O’Neill specializes in on top of El Paso insurance planning include family goalsetting, business planning, and money management. Three of the foundational keys to a strong financial future. Let’s take family goalsetting for example. He understands that the entire family has to be on the same page when it comes to finances otherwise nothing is going to get accomplished. If the husband and wife have two different priorities than nothing will get accomplished.

For one of the best financial planners in El Paso and one who can handle both your retirement and your insurance planning with ease contact Kevin O’Neill of O’Neill financial planning at 915-373-0989. The way that he looks at insurance is a financial safety net. He wants to ensure that you are not risking your life without having that financial safety net underneath you. Step one in building your financial safety net is to build up a cash reserve. You need to make sure that you have enough money reserved in a big account to be able to handle some kind of emergency that may come your way. A proper insurance plan provides a backup to your backed up financial safety net.

Family Financial Planning

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

Do you have a financial safety net that works and that is going to be there when you hit a financial stressor that you were planning for? Kevin O’Neill expert El Paso insurance planning financial advisor wants to help you understand and build your financial safety net. Just like a safety net for the trapeze a financial safety net catches you if something goes wrong. The difference between the two is that the financial safety net is going to help you if something happens where you need an influx of cash. Things like medical issues, car accidents, and the like. Contact Kevin O’Neill by calling 915-373-0989.

Are you a small business owner and in dire need of some proper retirement planning. Or maybe a small business owner and have no idea what to do with your finances. You want to make sure that you get in touch with Kevin O’Neill at O’Neill Fnancial Planning to get everything squared away. After all the entire reason that you’re in business is to make money. Once you make that money you need to understand exactly what to do with it so that you can keep it. This is one thing that many business owners seem to forget.

Planning for retirement as soon as you possibly can. You also need to know the rules and regulations when it comes to retirement planning for you as a business owner and what you need to provide for your employees. Kevin O’Neill at O’Neill Financial Planning will build a help you navigate this tricky subject.

Another thing that Kevin O’Neill specializes in is helping you set goals with your family. He knows that if your entire family is not onboard with the financial goals then nothing is going to happen. This doesn’t serve you or him in the long run. He wants to ensure that everybody in your family is on the same page and is headed in the same direction. He will sit down with you and your spouse and set out a roadmap or a game plan to ensure that everybody is on the same page and has the same intentions. Just some of these goals that are going to be covered our retirement planning, insurance policies, and kids education planning.

When it comes to financial planning it seems like there is almost an endless number of things that you need to pay for. Your money starts to get spreading thin if you are looking at things without putting a proper plan into place. There is a reason that Kevin O’Neill is an expert in El Paso insurance planning. He loves to work with people on their insurance policies to make sure that they are covered for absolutely everything that they can need insured for. Life insurance is a big one in this area. We all wish to think and hope to think that we will not die and until our older years, however we need to be prepared if death comes knocking on our door just a little bit earlier.