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Financial Planning for your Family

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

Fee based planning El Paso financial planner Kevin O’Neill is ready to help your family set solid and secure financial goals. He understands and knows firsthand that if the entire family isn’t on board with the same goals, it is very hard to accomplish anything. If the spouses wants to accomplish this and the other spouse is wanting to accomplish that you know what happens, nothing gets accomplished at all. This is why when fee based planning El Paso financial advisor Kevin O’Neil sits down with his clients to make sure that everybody who is going to make a decision in the family is present. To schedule your family goal setting meeting with Kevin O’Neill call 915-373-0989.

If you are like most families that fee-based planning El Paso financial planner Kevin O’Neill sits down with then you, have either no financial plan at all or a haphazard financial plan in place. That is okay.  That is what Kevin O’Neill is excellent at helping you with. He will first sit down with you and determine what your goals are for the future. Once he knows what your goals are for the future, he will figure out what your current financial situation is. Once he knows those two things, he will put together a plan that will get you from your current situation to achieving your future financial goals. Once you talk with Kevin O’Neill, you will feel assured and secure about your financial future.

Do you know if your financial investments are working as hard as you are? If your financial investments are not working just as hard as you are or getting the results that you are getting then, you need to change plans. Kevin O’Neill financial planner is an expert in helping you do this. He will evaluate your current investments and determine if they are the absolute correct investment for you or not. Investments that you may have made years ago may no longer fit into your plan. Investments that you may have made years ago may not be performing at the level that they once were. It is extremely important that you continually evaluate and reevaluate your financial plan and investments.

There are two things that Kevin O’Neill financial planner can help you with. He can help you save money, and he can help you make more money. These two things typically go hand-in-hand. Kevin O’Neill financial planner is an expert at doing both of these things. He will do these things by looking at your current investments and determining where you can save money and what investment you can make more money in.

If you are looking for one of the absolute best fee based planning El Paso financial services representatives, then you need to take a look at Kevin O’Neill. You can visit his website at or you can call him directly at 915-373-0989. Either way, before you decide on who you want to go with for a financial advisor you need to have a consultation with Kevin O’Neill.

Business Financial Planning

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

Fee based planning El Paso financial advisor Kevin O’Neill is the guy you want to go to if you have questions about your business financial planning or money management. He will make sure that you get on the straight and narrow and are following all of the rules and regulations when it comes to financial services and your business. Furthermore, he will make sure that you are properly set up for retirement and covered with the correct insurance policies. He is a master when it comes to helping you set up proper retirement plans and insurance policies. To contact fee based planning El Paso financial advisor Kevin O’Neill call 915-373-0989.

Do you know what the legally mandated benefits that US employer must or should be offering their employees? If you do not then, you need to talk to Kevin O’Neill fee based planning El Paso financial advisor. He will ensure that he get you on the straight and narrow with all the current laws and regulations surrounding your business and financial services. It can be a crazy and complex world out there that is why you need somebody like Kevin O’Neill on your side. He will ensure that you are offering the correct services to all of your employees so that you don’t get dinged with any penalties. Not only that but he will help to ensure that your employees are happy because you are providing the services that they most desire.

When it comes to insurance planning and insurance policies for things such as life insurance, there are few better than fee based planning El Paso financial advisor Kevin O’Neill. Kevin is a wizard in determining the exact right insurance policies for you to meet your exact and individual needs. You don’t want to set up any insurance policies before you talk to Kevin O’Neill. Kevin O’Neill has been helping the business owners understand the complexities of the financial services industry for years, and he is excited to help you do the same.

One of the things that many business owners forget about when they’re running their businesses is their own retirement. They just figure that when they’re ready to retire, they will sell their business and retire on that money. This rarely works out so nicely for most business owners. That is why you want to talk to Kevin O’Neill to set up a retirement plan to ensure that anything that you get from the sale of your business is gravy on top. The last thing that you want to do is be ready to retire and not be able to retire from a financial standpoint. By talking to Kevin O’Neill and setting up a solid retirement plan, you will be ready to retire once you hit your golden years.

Kevin O’Neill financial planner in the El Paso area is dedicated to ensuring that every single one of his clients reaches their path to prosperity. He wants to ensure that they are set up for the long term with financial security and peace of mind.