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Financial Planning El Paso

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

Are you in need Financial Consulting El Paso ? The man that you need to contact is Kevin O’Neill. Kevin specializes in insurance and retirement planning. The two most important things for most people are ensuring that they are insured so they don’t get bankrupted when something goes wrong and that they have enough money by the time they get to retirement to actually be able to retire. This is one of the reasons that Kevin O’Neill is a specialist in these areas. He wants to ensure that people feel safe and secure in for the entire life.  To get in touch with Kevin give them a call at 915-587-7777.

Financial consulting El Paso expert Kevin O’Neill is extremely passionate about helping people understand their financial picture both where they currently are and where they want to go. Once he helps them discover their current financial picture and where they want to go he is able to craft a strategic plan to get there. He wants to ensure that people are financially speaking are prepared to handle anything that life will throw at them. This only comes from a very firm and solid financial plan. Included in this with insurance and retirement planning is also estate planning and college planning.

There are a lot of moving parts when you look at your whole financial picture. Probably more parts than you even know are there or should be there. That is why you want to hire a financial consulting El Paso expert like Kevin O’Neill as your financial consultant to help you through the maze. We are talking about things like traditional I. R. A period’s, Roth I. R. A., SEP I.R.A.’s, 401K’s, Profit Sharing and Defined Benefits. This is just a short list of the retirement accounts that somebody may or may not have. It’s not that you need all these accounts are that she should actually have all of these accounts, but you should know the accounts you do have, and you should know the ones that you need to have.

A professional like Kevin O’Neill to help you through your financial action plan is an invaluable resource. Kevin can save you a lot of money and help you make more money than if you are to go it alone. Kevin graduated from Texas Tech University and there went on to a career in New York City as a stockbroker.  However, he is a family man and wanted to be closer to his family, so he gave up a lucrative promising career at Millennium securities and New York City to move back closer to his family in El Paso.  You can trust that Kevin, because of his strong family values, will ensure to take care of you and your finances so that you can provide the security that your family deserves.

To sit down with Kevin for a financial consultation simply give him a call and 915-587-7777. He is always happy to help, and it doesn’t matter if you end up working together or not he wants to ensure that he provides the best possible service for you and your family. The sooner you start looking at your entire financial picture the better off even a be.

Money Management in El Paso

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

If you’re looking for financial consulting El Paso, then look no further than Kevin O’Neill financial consultant. Kevin O’Neill has been a financial consultant for well over ten years now helping individuals and families alike create a solid financial foundation. Kevin graduated in 1995 from Texas Tech University and shortly after landed a job in New York City with Millennium securities. It wasn’t long until he decided that he wanted to be closer to family and move back to El Paso to start his financial consulting career. For a consultation, Kevin can be reached at 915-587-7777.

Kevin O’Neill financial consulting El Paso expert can help you in the areas of insurance, retirement, estate, and college planning. He likes to sit down with each one of his current clients or potential clients and really determine what is most important to them and their financial future. He has found that for most people it is being safe and secure while you are working and having enough money to retire when you are ready to retire. Secondary to those two things is estate planning and planning for children’s college expenses. If any of this sounds like some stuff you need to figure out Kevin O’Neill is the consultant you want to call.

Other areas that Kevin really enjoys and  in family goal setting for financial goals, business planning, and money management. Let’s discuss each one of these in more detail. When it comes to setting family financial goals it really boils down to how are you going to pay for your child’s tuition when their college-bound. The general rule that Kevin O’Neill goes by is the sooner you can start saving for your child’s tuition the better off you will be and the better off there going to be. You want to make sure that by the time they get to college you have enough tuition saved up to get them through school without having to make ridiculous sacrifices or without having to have the burden be completely on them.

Other areas of financial planning for your family would consist of preparing for retirement, figuring out what your safety net needs to be and saving for it, and getting your life insurance policy set up for protection. When it comes to business planning on the financial side, a small business owner has to start asking themselves if they can afford to provide staff with benefits. Kevin O’Neill financial consulting El Paso expert can help guide you through the maze of the financial responsibilities of small business ownership when it comes to providing health care benefits and retirement savings plans for your employees. He will ensure that you are able to afford them and that you get all the tax breaks that are coming to you for them.

Kevin O’Neill also will do your money management for you. Money management is a never-ending process of adjusting and repositioning your investments to ensure that you stay on track with all the financial goals that you hope to achieve. If you don’t manage your money correctly on a day-to-day basis by balancing where you spend your money and where you are investing your money, then you will have a hard time achieving your financial goals.