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Small Business Financial Consulting

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

Financial consulting El Paso expert Kevin O’Neill is a specialist when it comes to the areas of financial investment services, being retirement ready, health and life insurance, college planning, and estate planning. For all inquiries in regards to Kevin O’Neill’s consulting at O’Neill financial planning, you can call 915-373-0989. Kevin’s goal for himself and all of his clients is always to create a path to prosperity. This means something different to each individual, but ultimately it means the same thing to everybody. And that is creating a life of security, financial freedom, and peace of mind surrounding their wealth.

When you hire a financial consulting El Paso expert like Kevin O’Neill, you can be assured that you are in very good hands. Kevin sits down with all his clients and takes a deep dive into exactly what their client wants, where their client currently is, and how to get the client to where they want to go. This is a different process than some financial consultants out there today. Some financial consultants or brokers are just trying to sell you services so they can make a commission off of those services. Kevin O’Neill at Kevin O’Neil financial planning is in it to make sure that every single one of his clients has the greatest chance and the best plan to achieve prosperity.

There are three main areas that Kevin is going to work on depending on who the individual is. The first major area is setting and achieving family financial goals and deciding on when and how to save for your children’s college tuition. Saving for your children’s college tuition is an important goal because if you don’t start saving early you are more than likely not to have the funds to be able to fund your children’s college tuition. And therefore, when you get to the point where they need to go to college there either going to be limited by the college choices they can go to, or you will have to make great sacrifices to get them through college or they are going to have to burden the debt. None of the situations that you probably want to encounter.

Another group of people that Kevin has a passion for helping his business owners. Specifically small business owners. He likes to help ensure that they know the ins and outs of what it takes to manage properly and run the financial investment and benefits side of a small business. Many times small business owners don’t even know if they have the funds to be able to fund a benefits package. The financial consulting El Paso expert Kevin O’Neill steps in to help them figure it out and ensure that they offer the best possible package for both their employees and themselves.

To learn more about Kevin O’Neill visit www.ONeill or give him a call to schedule a consultation at 915-373-0989. When you’re in need of a highly experienced financial consultant to help ensure that your financial future is secure and safe, there is no one better than Kevin O’Neill in El Paso.

Retirement Planning Specialist El Paso

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

Kevin O’Neill, financial consulting El Paso expert, specializes in ensuring his clients are properly insured and financially  preparing or prepared for retirement. He wants to ensure that every single one of his clients is on the path to prosperity and feels very solid, safe, and secure with their financial future. Most people do not feel this way before working with Kevin. That is because most people don’t actually know what they need to do in order to achieve financial security and financial freedom. Let alone what they need to be able to retire on time and with enough money to last them for the rest their life. To make an appointment with Kevin O’Neill at O’Neill Financial Planning, you can give them a call at 915-373-0989.

Kevin O’Neill is a graduate of Texas Tech University and a former employee of Millennium Securities in New York City. He left a very lucrative and promising job at Millennium Securities because he wanted to be closer to his family. This speaks volumes about who he is as a human being. This also speaks volumes about what he is going to do for his clients in terms of protecting them and their family from financial distress. He is a family man first and foremost and wants to make sure he takes care of your family as if it was his own.

He does this by ensuring that he sets up your financial situation as if he was in your shoes. He is not worried about earning a commission or becoming rich off of you and your financial plan or the financial consulting services that he is giving you. What he is concerned about is making sure that he creates the best possible plan for your financial success and prosperity. He wants to ensure that he sets you up on the correct insurance and that he sets you up on the correct estate planning, college tuition planning, and retirement plan.

He would never feel right about working with you if it was not in your absolute best interests. The financial services industry can be tough to navigate, and tough to find a financial consultant who is more concerned with the people he is consulting than with the paycheck that he can get from them. Luckily you have found Kevin O’Leary financial consulting El Paso expert to guide you on a path of prosperity with full integrity and honesty.

Being that Kevin O’Leary is a retirement specialist he specializes in the implementation of IRAs, 401(k)s, profit sharing and defined benefits. He will make sure you are set on the absolute correct investment vehicle so that your bank account will be ready to retire when you are ready to retire. Kevin O’Leary is not all about business either. He is very plugged into the El Paso community being a member of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce and  member of the YMCA Board of Directors. He wants to ensure that this community that he cherishes and loves continues to grow and prosper along with its people.