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When you’re trying to find a financial planner or El Paso you need to you need to look in to. Kevin O’Neill Kevin O’Neill is probably one of the best. El Paso a financial planner has to offer and he’s going to be doing you a solid. Every time he talks. I mean are you retirement married if your retire to retirement ready you can get together with him and he’ll work on a better strategy on what to do with your 401K and your money and where to put it and when to take it out. All kinds of things. And if you get on his website. Oh no final outcome you’re going to be able to see everything he has to offer from family goal setting to business planning to money management. I mean he wants to create a path to prosperity. That’s always the goal. And he welcomes the opportunity to help chief that goal for all of his clients. What is financial planning if that’s what you’re asking you’re able to go online and you’re going to find out more about that. And if you’re ready to retire you can if you’re ready for retirement then you’re going to be able to go online and click and see what that has to offer you. You can also go in and you can find out more by him how he graduated from Tech University in 4:41 life and then move to NYC shortly thereafter. financial planner el paso.
He began his investment adversary career in 1996 as a stockbroker for millennium securities and New York City. In spite of a dynamic star of millennium Kevin chose to move back to El Paso as his hometown. It’s a place he grew up it’s a place you want to further his career and he wanted to be near a place called home. So he’s back in El Paso He’s a financial planner El Paso. And he is doing very good in 1999. That’s when he moved back to his home. Kevin specializes in insurance and retirement planning. His experience with insurance strategy allows him to offer and develop health life disability and long term care policies as well as indexed variable and fixed annuity products as a retirement specialist. He is able to implement traditional IRAs both IRAs SEPs IRAs 401k as profit sharing and defined benefits. Kevin recognizes that the state planning college but they are also part of his clients and he works closely with them to help accomplish the results they are looking for. financial planner el paso. He enjoys helping the people he meets plan for the future and be prepared whatever brings. Because we all know her future is unpredictable and he wants to be there for us whenever it goes bad or goes great. He wants to be the successor he wants to be someone that helps you become a successor. He wants to be there for you. He is an active member of the greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce and a new member of their local YMCA board of directors. He serves two vital components to a growing growing community out in El Paso. financial planner el paso.
This man and he’s going to do you good.
And if you need to contact him you can go on his website which is O’Niel finance dot com. And then you’re going to be able to fill out all sorts of things such as your name your phone number the email you’re going to be able to leave any messages or anything. And then you’re going to want to call them at 9 1 5 3 7 3 0 9 8 9. And his email is Kevin O’Neill see Sidora advisors dot com the office numbers 9 1 5 5 8 7 7 7 7 7. And the address is 5 9 to 5. Silver Spring sweet the El Paso Texas 7 9 9 1 2. You’re going to want to go on line and you’re going to feel that if you need to get in contact with him because he’s kind of a big deal and he’s going to. He does. So going line and fill out and you’re also going to be learning more about financial safety net and small business planning along with retirement planning. He’s going to help you out as much as he can and he wants you to be his customer.