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So want to be we’re talking about financial planner of El Paso we should be thinking about O’Niel finance dot com ONeal finance is one of the best places in El Paso that you could possibly get a financial planner. He is. Very certified. He knows what he’s doing. You can go on his Web site to find it and you’ll be able to learn more about Kevin. He has plenty of videos he’s a. He’s graduated from the Texas Tech University in 1995 and then he moved to NYC shortly thereafter. He began his investment career in 1996 as a stockbroker for millennium securities and Kevin graduated from the Texas Tech University 4:41. New York City and as part of a dynamic start millennium. Kevin chose to move back to El Paso in 1999 to pursue his future closer to family. He always has he’s always called home today. Kevin specializes in insurance and retirement planning. His experience with insurance strategy allows him to offer and develop health disability and long term care policies as well as indexed variable and fixed and new products. He’s good at what he does. You need to give him a call at 9 1 5 3 7 3 0 9 8 9 and there’s tons of videos about him. He’ll be able to explain it a lot better on his Web site more about him it’s in-depth. They’re not very long just talk. financial planner el paso
It’s just him talking you’ll be listening to him. And it’s nice like a certain you specialize in insurance and retirement planning. So he’s going to be able to help people especially in retirement other time of specialists he is able to implement traditional IRAs both IRAs I see Sep IRAs 401k as profit sharing and defined benefits. Kevin recognizes that state planning college planning or looking for enjoys helping the people he meets to plan for their future. Be prepared for what it brings. As an active member of the great deal of House Chamber of Commerce and the new member of the local YMCA board of directors he serves two vital components of the growing community there in El Paso and he loves doing it. He’s good at what he does to give him a call while you’re on the Web site you’re going to be able to watch videos about how to find out about financial safety net along with small business planning and retirement planning. All of this is very helpful in knowing how to be able to establish a financial safety net explaining the dollar and cents reality of how a safety safety net works is the primary goal. financial planner el paso
So whenever you’re looking for a financial planner El Paso this is the man you want to go to because there isn’t no other financial planner plus So there’s going to be able to do what he can remember. He can call you can call him at 9 1 5 3 7 3 0 9 8 9 for your financial planner. El Paso you can go in there and you’re going to be able to contact him you’re just going to have to do your financial investment services retirement ready health and life insurance called filing and S-type planning inquiries are welcome. You can email Kevin O’Neill at. See our advisers office numbers 9 1 5 5 8 7 7 7 7 7. The address is 5 9 to 5. Silver Springs Sweet be in El Paso Texas 7 9 9 1 2 and you can also leave more information on the Web site you can give them your name phone number email and you give them a short message on what you have to talk about. He is very good at what he does. Remember he talks about finance and safety nets small business planning and how your small business is going to be good and how to be successful in doing that. He’s also going to talk to you about your retirement plans otherwise your 401k and when he can talk to you about when to start it and how to make it a bigger 401k. How to get the most out of your 401k. You know he’s creating a path to prosperity. That’s always the goal. And he welcomes the opportunity to help achieve that goal for all of his clients.
So you know he’s licensed to do business in Arizona and Arkansas and California New Mexico Texas Florida Kansas Georgia and Missouri. He’s licensed to do this everywhere and anywhere you need him to be. He’s going to help you set families goal settings and business planning and money management. He’s going to be good at what he does. financial planner el paso