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So when we’re talking about financial planners in El Paso you need to go to.
Kevin O’Neill. Kevin O’Neill is great at what he does he is phenomenal. He is. He’s been doing this since nineteen ninety five.
He was originally when he graduated from Texas Tech University in 1995 and then moved to NYC shortly after that he began his investment research career in 1996 as a stockbroker for millennium’s Securities in New York City. He then later moved back to El Paso in 1999 to stay close to family because he’s a family man and he’s a good guy and he knows what he’s doing he’s going to help you with your IRAs SEP-IRA his 401k is profit sharing and a benefits. Kevin what can I is that estate planning and college plans are also important to his clients. And works closely with them to help accomplish the results that they’re looking for. Enjoys helping the people he meets to plan for their future and to be prepared for whatever it brings. As an active member of the greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce and the new member of our local YMCA board of directors he serves two vital components of the growing community. He’s licensed in the following states such as Arizona and Arkansas California New Mexico Texas Florida Kansas Georgia Missouri. A couple others. He is creating a path which prosperity is always the goal and he wants to welcome the opportunity to help achieve that goal. To all of his clients. So whenever you’re looking for a financial planner in El Paso you need to give him a call the number to call 1 5 3 7 3 0 9 8 9. So next I’m a financial planner. Just told me you you have Kevin O’Neill Kevin O’Neill with financial planning is going to do the right thing for you especially when your retirement ready.
He’s going to know tonight he’s going to talk to you about family goal setting along with business planning and money management what to do with it. He’s creating a path of prosperity and that’s always his goal and he wants to welcome the opportunity to help achieve that goal for every client has a great financial planner and El Paso and I highly recommend him