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Whenever you’re trying to find financial planners in El Paso it could be a struggle. It could be a hard time finding someone you trust with your money where they want you to put your money and invest it in what to do with your 401k. Who knows. But trying to find financial planners in El Paso can be hard and difficult. So we want you to give Kevin O’Neill a shot. Kevin O’Neill is a very highly respected business financial planner. He helps you with retirement your 401K your IRAs everything. He’s going to make sure that your 401k works hard as you. He’s going to talk about self-directed brokerage accounts and all sorts of things he wants you. Can you name the legally mandated benefits that you should offer for your employees. If not he can help with that. And if so he wants to review them so that you’ll be able to save some money while doing it. He also wants to be able to not risk a life without a financial safety net. He wants you to make sure to protect the ones you love. He’s going to help you with family goal setting along with business planning and money management. He’s going to do everything he can to make it to where you are going to be good. You can you can talk to him about establishing a financial safety net a small business plan as well as a retirement planning. He’s going to be talking to you about it explaining the dollar and since reality of how a safety net works.
That’s the primary goal starting with how to build a cash reserve and continuing with how much cash is enough. Where should you keep the cash reserve and creating and money sitting checklist. The point is to prepare you for the unexpected financial stresses. So the next time you’re trying to find financial planner in El Paso. Give this man a call because he knows what he’s doing. You can get a hold of him on his Web site. Kevin O’Neill financed You can call him at 9 1 5 3 7 3 0 9 8 9 and his office number line 1 5 5 8 7 7 7 7 7. Or you can go to his office address at 5 9 to 5. Silver Spring Sweet be in El Paso Texas at 7 9 9 1 2 or there’s a page on his Web site that you can fill out. You can leave your name phone number IMO and even a message