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Stock Broker El Paso: Trading Advice

This content was written for Kevin Oneill

Are you in search of a stock broker El Paso who is going to help give you good advice on what trades to make and stocks to purchase? Are you tired of having your stockbroker simply get you to do stock trades so they can make a commission on your transaction? Are you looking for a stockbroker who is going to make sure that you are making money instead of just taking your money? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you want to get in touch with Kevin O’Neill at O’Neill Financial Planning. You can schedule an appointment to learn more about Kevin O’Neill by calling 915-373-0989.

The other beneficial thing about hiring Kevin O’Neill for your stock broker El Paso is the fact that he is also a financial planner. Many stockbrokers will say they are financial planner when in reality all they want to do is have you buy and sell stocks all the time. Buying and selling stocks are how many of these stockbrokers make their money. Therefore, the more they can get you to buy and sell stocks the more money they can make. It seems like there is a small bit of a conflict of interest there.

Now, everybody has to get paid for the work that they put in. There are only so many ways that you can pay people based on the job they do. So there isn’t anything inherently bad with how stockbrokers or financial advisors get paid. What is important is that you find a stock broker El Paso or a financial advisor who is going to make sure that they have your best interests in mind. It is more of the character of the person that you’re working with and the skills that they have been it is about how that individual gets paid.

When you work with Kevin O’Neill at O’Neill Financial Planning, you will be working with a very high level knowledgeable financial advisor. Kevin O’Neill will do his best to ensure that your entire financial plan is set up correctly for optimal financial success. He can, of course, recommend stocks and trades for you, however, that is only a part of the offerings that he is able to provide. It is much better if you utilize a guy like Kevin O’Neill for your entire portfolio and entire financial strategy. This is going to give him a better idea of what stocks and trade tea should be recommending in the first place.

To schedule an initial plan with Kevin O’Neill at O’Neill Financial Planning to learn everything that he can do to help you find a financial future that you are proud of call 915-373-0989. Kevin O’Neill is dedicated to ensuring that you and all of his clients achieve financial success. He will first go to work on setting up a strong financial foundation for you if you do not have that in place already. You can learn more about what Kevin O’Neill can do by visiting his website The sooner you get touch with Kevin the sooner you can be safe and secure with your financial future. By