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Foundational Financial Planning

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

El Paso fee based planning financial advisor Kevin O’Neill is ready to help you with your financial planning. He wants to assure that you set up an extremely solid foundation for your financial success. It is much more complicated and yet much more simple than you could ever imagine possible. Do you have a financial safety net, do you know how much money you should be directing towards your financial and retirement plan? Do you understand the ins and outs of where your money should be going? If you do not, it’s probably about time that you gave El Paso fee based planning financial advisor Kevin and O’Neill a call at 915-373-0989.

When Kevin O’Neill talks about financial planning, he discusses it and explains it as an umbrella that protects six tiers of your finances. Those six tiers are retirements, education, tax, estate, insurance, and investment. Are you properly funding these six tiers of your financial umbrella? Do you even know what these six tiers of your financial umbrella are and are for? If you are like most people that financial advisor Kevin O’Neill works with you may know a few of them, but you do not know all of them. If you’re like the rest of the people that financial planner Kevin O’Neill works with then you may know what all of them are, and you may be funding all of them, but you are not funding all of them correctly.

When it comes to financial planning there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. You need to make sure that you are set up securely financially from a retirement standpoint, an insurance standpoint, the education for yourself and your children, your taxes, your investment strategy, and your estate. If you do not have all of these things set up correctly you could be in danger of some serious issues down the road. That is what Kevin O’Neill is an expert at helping you determine and figure out.

Kevin O’Neill El Paso fee based planning financial advisor wants to help you and your family set up as safe and secure a financial future as you possibly can. His goal with every single one of his clients is to help them find and achieve their path to prosperity. He knows that a lot of people in America today are severely limited because of their financial decisions in the past. Not to despair he can help you if you’re willing to work hard to get out of any financial hole but you may find yourself in and achieve financial prosperity. One of the things that financial planner Kevin O’Neill is best at is setting up a financial plan and then helping you stay accountable to that plan.

It is somewhat easy to set up a plan and put it down on paper it is a lot more difficult to actually implement and follow that plan. That is where financial advisor Kevin O’Neil comes in handy. He can help to ensure that you are sticking with the plan as long as it makes sense. He can also help to advise you when the plan that you originally set up no longer makes sense for you. Often times in our financial lives we have to switch gears a little bit to achieve different goals.

Fee Based Planning Financial Services

This content was written for Kevin O’Neil

El Paso fee based planning financial advisor Kevin O’Neil wants to help you do two things. He wants to help you plan for your financial future, so that is safe and secure. He also wants to help you manage your money better. What is the difference between these two things and are they linked? Yes, there is a link between money management and financial planning however they are two separate things. Financial planning quite simply is you sitting down with an El Paso fee based planning financial advisor like Kevin O’Neill and mapping out your entire financial plan. Whereas money management is the constant process of you looking at your money and managing it to make sure that it is serving you best and the investments that it is in are where it should be. To learn more about how Kevin O’Neill can help you give him a call at 915-373-0989.

El Paso fee based planning financial advisor Kevin O’Neill is an expert at both of these areas. He can help you set up a plan that will make sure that you get from where you currently are with your finances to where you ultimately want to be. It isn’t always easy to help you achieve where you want to go especially if you have really big dreams and goals. However, Kevin O’Neill will be sure that you know exactly what is necessary for you to achieve your long-term financial goals. When it comes to money management Kevin O’Neill is an absolute pro. He will ensure that your money is always working as hard as it should be. If he finds a gap in your money management system he will get it plugged as soon as he possibly can.

Money management and financial planning are both a family practice. The entire family, or anybody who is going to be part of the decision-making and spending of the finances, needs to be present and involved. Even if they just give buy-in to the plan they need to be present. Kevin O’Neill knows all too well that if the entire family is in present and doesn’t buy into the financial plan then the financial plan is not going to happen. Or at minimum it is not going to happen in the way that it should happen.

For one of the absolute best fee based financial planners in El Paso you’re going to want to schedule an appointment with Kevin O’Neill. Kevin O’Neill has your best interest at heart. He is not swayed this way or that by financial services commissions and instead is going to get paid a straight fee based on the service that he provides you. This makes him a fiduciary for you. Having your best interests at heart.

To get started on ensuring that you have a safe and secure financial future you want to make sure that you give Kevin on O’Neill a call today at 915-373-0989. With the magic of compounding interest the earlier you get started on saving for your retirement the better off you are going to be. If you are already behind that is okay because financial planning expert Kevin O’Neill will help you do your best to get caught up. However, you don’t want to wait any longer give him a call today.